Looking Ahead: 2018

Now that 2017 is over, it’s time to think about 2018. What will this new year bring us? What will we try to achieve? Let’s plan and dream a little, shall we.


I’m going to go for my usual one model per week goal, which I failed at for the past two years. I’m already at 7 models this year and we’re only mid-January, so it’s a good head start. I will be taking less commissions, so hopefully I should have a better control of what hits the painting table.

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Good Bye 2017

Another year has passed, and I failed at maintaining a good post ratio once again. Posting everything in both French and English doesn’t help, as the translation part is a chore and not really fun to do, so I keep pushing back writing. For this year, I am switching to mainly English language posts, and hopefully it will help me publish more often.

On a positive note, 2017 was a fun and constructive year. I got to tackle new stuff, like vehicle weathering, high level small scale model painting and also got back in doing more sculpting. Two of those came originally from commissions, but have opened up interest for new personal projects. Let’s dive in!
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We have to start somewhere

Welcome, dear new readers, on this new edition of Le Zonion!

New, because a first version existed briefly before, more than ten years ago, but got lost during a ISP transfert. Needing a new home on the web to host my ideas and projects, my first idea was to resuscitate that defunct blog, especially as the concept of the zonion is part of a project I will share in the next few months.

This site will mainly be used to discuss everything that touch the miniature wargaming hobby, be it painting, sculpting, terrain making or the games themselves. I will still probably go out of the trail on random banter once in a while.

For people who don’t know me personally, I invite you to check my little bio in the About page. You can also visit the Gallery to see some projects I’m particularly proud of. If you like what you see, I do hobby work for Commission.