Monthly Update – January 2018

First Montlhy Update, to keep a tab on my yearly progression, and on the WIP Table of Shame. January was heavily tilted toward painting, as I was preparing for CaptainCon. Let’s jump right in!


Models painted: 9
Models sculpted: 0
Terrain built: 1
Terrain painted: 1
Games played: 2


In January, my plan was to paint a lot in preparation of attending CaptainCon, in early February. (My review of that event here.) And paint I did! Officially, I completed only 9 models – a couple of Hordes models, 3 apes for Pulp City, and both a model for Arena Rex and Relic Knights. However, I applied a lot more paint, as I wanted to have my Relic Knights paladins force in colour for an event. Only one of those model was finished, but 12 more are now coloured enough to get to the table. Hopefully they won’t join the WIP Table of Shame and be done soon enough. 2 of the 9 models where not for me – one a commission, the other a Secret Santa – but 7 new personal pieces is a good number.
Result: 9/4


I made some progress on two already started models on the sculpting side, but I didn’t finish anything. Moving along…
Result: 0/1


I didn’t touch any foam or plasticard, but I did build and prep a MC Studio Stone House to use with Pulp City. I also painted a test piece wall for our arena, which should go fast once I get the rest of the pieces. In the meantime, it’s a nice backdrop for my minis.
Result – Built: 1/1; Painted: 1/1


Gaming was light, coming back from holiday. I got two games of Guild Ball in with Steve, both with new guilds at the helm.
Result: 2/4

WIP Table of Shame

9 models painted, and 2 of those are outside work, so only 7 that counts. Sadly, only a couple of those was already started, Apebot and Ban-Luca, so that’s a bad start for my shame ratio. Once I finish my Relic Knights started this month though, it should bring back the scale to a more even state.
Ratio: 2 old vs 5 new

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