A booming “Ahoy mateys!”

This week was my birthday. We had a fun family night, with good food and a new boardgame with the kids, the incredibly cute Flamecraft. It was a good time. I  recommend trying the game if you like simpler euros, and my daughter, who loves cute things and dragons, gives it a big thumbs up too.

Birthdays often go hand in hand with gifts. For hobbyist, they sometime relate to the hobby. One such gift my sweet wife once gave me is the huge Pirate Giant from Black Scorpion Miniatures. It is an impressive piece, and I dreaded painting it and not doing it justice, so I postponed the project. Well, after more than a decade, I took the plunge around the same time last year and put the brush to it. So lets look back!

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Casanii dwelling

Back in 2019, when I was still posting semi-regularly, I got into a terrain challenge, and I even published a couple entries I made, a ruined temple and a cabbage farm. The first piece that I made but I didn’t get to share was for the game Anyaral, the world of Twilight. It’s for the Casanii faction, for which I don’t even have a force, but I felt inspired by their look and theme.

I don’t remember the exact prompt we had to build toward, but it was  quite simple, something like “building”. I made multiple sketches to make a small village, but the piece for the challenge was a single large dwelling. I don’t have all my pictures from back then, but I’ve gathered some I had not erased, or that I had published on Twitter.

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Throwback Thursday – First minis, ever!

Some time ago, while cleaning old boxes at my parents’ house, I stumbled upon the first box of minis I ever got, while still a young gaming Padawan. They were Ral Partha miniatures for RPGs, random stuff not even related to a campaign or specific project. I attacked the painting with much joy, and no research or knowledge whatsoever, using Testor enamel scale model paints.

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Premières figurines, à vie !

Il y a quelque temps, en nettoyant de vieilles chez mes parents, je suis tombé sur la première boîte de figurines que j’ai possédé. C’était des pièces Ral Partha pour jeux de rôles, sans lien entre elles, que ce soit une campagne ou un projet spécifique. Je me suis attaquer à leur peinture avec joie, sans recherche, préparation ou connaissance du sujet, utilisant la peinture à modèles à coller enamel de Testor.

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