Craft-off – Carol’s cabbage farm

My Ruined forest temple last month ended up winning the judges’ votes 3 to 2, and moved forward to this month’s round.  It was really close based on the judges’ commentaries, and could have gone both ways. That’s always nice in a friendly competition. It was also great to have the opportunity to read judges’ notes!

For October, my imposed theme was “farm“. I struggled with that theme more than the previous months. One personal goal I gave myself was to make terrain that I could use in games, and nothing was really coming to mind early on. Eventually, after painting Laios, I went through my shelf of games again, and a bright light popped up. I would build a rabbit-run cabbage farm for Burrows and Badgers! That would be a good incentive to finally work on those minis.

I grabbed my sketchbook and did multiple small drawings. Most of the part ended up quite different, but it gave me a good reference base.

You can see some of the wip pictures here. There are a lot more on my Twitter feed, if you might be interested. Instead of one big piece, this time I went with multiple small scatter terrain. This will give me more options went using it in game.

I finished all the terrain a couple days early, so I took that time to paint my first model for the game, Carol the rabbit, owner and defender of the farm. You can see her in most of the finished pictures below.

Once again, I want to give a shout out to my opposing partner, Mikael Urfeldt. He did a fantastic job on his own farm. Lots of small details, and overall a really good composition. I especially like his wood weathering, and how he made the dirt in the pumpkin patch; it looks a lot more like what I wanted to do for my cabbage rows than I was able to make. You can see his entry right here.

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