On to 2024, well, what’s left of it

Last year, I pledged to post a bit more, even if shorter posts. I managed to do so for part of the year, but after September, my hobby time slowed down, and what I did accomplish wasn’t as worthy of posting. I failed at keeping my posts short, though, so they ate up a bit more time than I really had, and making shorter ones for single pieces of terrain didn’t feel quite right.

I like to make nice photoshoot of completed projects, and while I did a bunch of small stuff, I didn’t have any bigger, meaningful ones. I’ll have to juggle between length and content again this year.

This post comes up later in the year, because of the same reason. I was in a small hobby slump since December, but that’s over now and I have a bunch of projects I want to tackle.

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It’s been a long time. Let’s catch up.

It has been a long time since I’ve posted in this blog, with a small exception last month. More than three full years, to put a number on it. Lots of things can partly explain it: selling a house, moving, a pandemic, a sick partner (thankfully on the mend), mostly stopping commission work, etc. The list goes on. It was taking time that I didn’t want to put in it. But writing that quick post about the Bushido crew last month reminded me that I do enjoy the writing. Also, I’ve realized that now that I don’t post all the projects on my FB page, it’s harder to track down pictures.

So, I’ve decided to give it another go this year. I don’t think I’ll often publish big posts, but it will be a hobby diary, with quick picture galleries and updates. Even if I end up being the only one to go through it occasionally, it will already have a good use.

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Good Bye 2017

Another year has passed, and I failed at maintaining a good post ratio once again. Posting everything in both French and English doesn’t help, as the translation part is a chore and not really fun to do, so I keep pushing back writing. For this year, I am switching to mainly English language posts, and hopefully it will help me publish more often.

On a positive note, 2017 was a fun and constructive year. I got to tackle new stuff, like vehicle weathering, high level small scale model painting and also got back in doing more sculpting. Two of those came originally from commissions, but have opened up interest for new personal projects. Let’s dive in!
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