Monthly update – February 2018

Second month in, and at least we’re not halfway through Marsh yet before I post the update! This month saw two main points of importance: my trip to CaptainCon, and a heavy concentration on sculpting.


This month Yearly total
Models painted: 0 9
Models sculpted: 2 2
Terrain built: 0 1
Terrain painted: 0 1
Games played: 12 14


I barely touched a brush this month. I did put some early coats on Cordelia Clean for Relic Knight while at CaptainCon, to have my whole list coloured, but I didn’t finish her. The only thing I use a brush with for the rest of the month was to apply acetone on putty.
Result: 0 painted,  9 yearly


While last month was paint intensive, this month saw a concentration on sculpting. I finished only a couple models: a Dhunian icon for a friend’s Hordes Trollbloods army, and a stuffed unicorn of my own. More on that piece in a blog post soon.  I did some work on both the koala and the dwarf guardian, but they have not advanced that much. I also started working on a “oldhammer” style goblin pirate for a friendly FB group challenge.
Result: 2 sculpted, 2 yearly


No terrain built or painted.
Result – 0 done, Built: 1/2; Painted: 1/2 yearly


The month started with a big number of games while away for a convention. Got to play all the games I brought with me (Guild Ball, Relic Knight, Pulp City and Warmahordes), and try multiple demos and special scenarios (Arena Rex, Processing, Runewars, Dust 1947 and Herorealms). Over the rest of the month, I was able to get a game of Guild Ball in with co-host Steve, tried the just received GKR: Heavy Hitters boardgame with the boys, and gave a demo of Roots of Magic. Overall, a really good month for gaming. It will hopefully compensate for the slower months that are sure to come.
Result: 12 played, 14 yearly

WIP Table of Shame

No new model painted, so the yearly tally is still the same.
Ratio: 2 old vs 5 new

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