Monthly Update – March 2018

Third month in, progress has slowed down on almost all front! Outside of sculpting, I’ll need to get some better numbers if I want to reach my yearly targets eventually.


This month Yearly total
Models painted: 2 11
Models sculpted: 3 5
Terrain built: 0 1
Terrain painted: 0 1
Games played: 6 20


Reading Dracula’s America early in the month, and getting an intro game, put me in the mood for some western style minis. Sorting through my lead pile, I got two fitting minis, a cowgirl by Bombshell Miniatures and a jackalope by Stonehaven Miniatures. Both were quite fun to paint, even if cleaning and filing the antlers on that tiny demon rabbit was a pain.
Result: 2 painted,  11 yearly


I didn’t get to sculpt that much this month, even if the official number hides that fact. Two of the models were started previously, the Goblin pirate and the Koala, while the third one, a curling stone, is a simple ball token for an upcoming Guild Ball event. I did however cast a lot over ther month, probably more than 40 pieces. I’m pretty happy with where my moldmaking and casting skills are; the next step would be to get a pressure chamber to reduce the amount of bubbles.
Result: 3 sculpted, 5 yearly


No terrain built or painted.
Result – 0 done, Built: 1/2; Painted: 1/2 yearly


Not the biggest month game wise, as my situation at home leaves less time to go out, or at least not enough to make it worthwhile for a game. Being home does have it’s advantage, as I was able to get a couple of games out with my son. I introduced him to PitchCar (the mini version), of which we played multiple times over that weekend. He’s been building new tracks over and over since. While on the theme of cars, I was also able to try a simplified version of Gaslands with him. Both were really well received. On a more serious side, I got to introduce a couple of friends to Company of Iron, which is always a hit, and I tried both Dracula’s America and Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire. I even wrote about my first impressions of that first one in a past blog post.
Result: 6 played, 20 yearly

WIP Table of Shame

I only painted two models this month, and both are new; that’s not doing well. I’ll need to plan a game/event of something that is in mid painting to get that to an healthy 1 to 1 ratio.
Ratio: 2 old vs 7 new

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