Monthly Update – April 2018

April is gone, and the snow too! Doesn’t change anything about minis really, but it’s good on the mood nonetheless.


This month Yearly total
Models painted: 4 15
Models sculpted: 0 5
Terrain built: 0 1
Terrain painted: 0 1
Games played: 5 25


The month has been pretty diverse painting wise. I got four pieces done, for completely different project. First one was painting the curling stone custom ball I sculpted last month. Sure, it’s a pretty small piece, but I still count it. After that, I painted Tisiphone, a Gangs of Rome model for the monthly challenge that’s ran on the Paint All the Minis Facebook group. The next model, from the Dark Mariners faction in Deepwars, I can’t share yet as it’s for a contest. The last model was kind of a surprise; I got offered to try out the latest edition of Malifaux, and having some models already primed for it, I put down base coats on three of them, but only had the time to finish Perdita, the master of my crew.
Result: 4 painted,  15 yearly


I’ve made some tiny progress on the Chronopia inspired Dwarf, but that was it for sculpting this month. Still casting and shipping mostly. I need to pick up the slack.
Result: 0 sculpted, 5 yearly


I have not finished yet, but I am indeed working on terrain. It’s a project for The World of Twilight, a balloon tied to a tree or tower, depending on how much time I have left when the balloon itself is done. It won’t count for this month, but it should for the next.
Result – 0 done, Built: 1/2; Painted: 1/2 yearly


On the gaming side of things, after trying a simplified version of Gasland with my son last month, I got the full game on the table twice. Once in a 4-player big bash, and the second time with Yaum for his birthday evening. Both time were a blast. I need to convert some of the toy cars soon! I also got a couple games of Guild Ball in with Steve, as we were trying out the new Exiles models. Lastly, I got a first game in of the latest edition of Malifaux. I originally got the rules at launch, but playing it didn’t come up with all the rest that was going on. Game is still great in v2, and the models being more streamlined, with less abilities, help for a polygamer like I am. It will come back to the table soon.
Result: 5 played, 25 yearly

WIP Table of Shame

Perdita, already mentioned above, was already primed and spray base coated, so she counts as an old model. However, the other three pieces were brand new.
Ratio: 3 old vs 10 new

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