Who said crime doesn’t pay?

After painting the core models from the starter, painting the voices to lead them, and making custom bases, it was time to round out the villains team. I needed a Support model, and while I have other indie supports, I got them in trade and they were previously painted. Instead of going through the steps to strip them, I decided to go with the cyber entity called Vector, a neutral character. After that, it was less of a decision on the game role, and more what cool other models I had. I needed a 1-level model to have a full 12-level line-up. The second model from Vector’s set was Kitty Cheshire, the stranger from the Other Side. I might as well paint her to complete the duo, as they were the very first models I ever bought for the game. It was about time I got some colour on them.

Cro Mag original art, by Pulp Monster

This gave me a whole team worth of Supremes. However, it was missing the single most important piece I consider in any Pulp City game: a model that interacts with terrain, either by throwing it, or slamming it into opponents in melee! In came the giant cave man, Cro Mag. The only thing left at that point was to add some Minions, as 100 Voices painted last week could bring some with him. Looking at my collection of henchmen, the cool little dino Mutant Mobsters were the obvious choice.

Vector wasn’t the most fun to paint, but maybe that was because of my colour scheme. I like the black and green from my days in school learning to code for mainframes. So it’s shown in multiple models and terrain pieces since. The other models were much more pleasant to work on. Kitty Cheshire and the Mutant Mobsters would be my favourites in this batch, both for the painting process  and the results.


Kitty Cheshire

Cro Mag

Mutant Mobsters

I always like to take some in action pictures with nice scenes. Here is one of this wave of models, facing a strike team from the Ape Revolution Committee.

The whole shebang

As mentioned at the top, this wave completes the painting of my indie villains team for now. To commemorate that, I got all of the team together for a family picture.

Next time I get Pulp City on the painting desk, I will have to decide on starting a custom board, or starting a whole new faction. We will see!

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