The voices of evil

To direct the merry band of Pulp City villains I started last month, I needed a Leader. Luckily, I’ve been able to get my hand on 100 Voices and his Voicelings recently, after trying to find them for years. As an indie Leader, he’s a perfect match for my rag tag group of criminals. And his henchmen just work so well with him, both thematically and in game, that I had to paint them together.

I am quite happy with the whole crew, and they fit well on the bases I built for them. However, I might have overdone the matt varnish, as it gave them a dusty look, that you can better see on the full size pictures. It doesn’t show that much in person at least, so I might not touch them up.

100 Voices


“Family” picture

Action shot

I wasn’t too sure how many of my Pulp City I wanted to paint before I switched to another project, but I’ve already started a couple more of them, so I’m invested for now. I will probably paint enough for a full game of purely new painted villains, and then I will move on. Move on to what though, that’s a good question. Maybe that new theme board…

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