A villain’s beginning

I started tracking my painting and my playing about 6 years ago.  I don’t track wins, or much other info, mainly just the games and who I played with. I find it interesting, and it gives me pointers to what I should get to the table again. Looking at the file, the only game I played every of those years is Pulp City. That is only fitting for my favourite game.

Late last year, I decided to expand my options, as my only painted models were for the A.R.C. faction (the Ape Revolution Committee), and some civilians for the scenarios. I decided to start by painting the indie models from the two alignment starters. I did paint Tekkna for the heroes, but to change things up, I followed that with the villains. I got 2 of them painted before the new year, Aurelius and Anansi, but without their bases though.

To start the year on the right track, I painted the third member, Nuke, and made bases for the whole trio. It’s a really colourful group. They are not enough for a big game, but they will be a great start for an indie villain gang. I was able to get my hand on 100 Voices and his Voiceling henchmen, so I’m on the right track to bring on crime and villainy to the streets.

Nuke and Aurelius are pretty close to the studio paintjobs, but I changed Anansi from the original green to a grey and orange suit. I didn’t realize that all 3 models would have a lot of grey when I made that change, or I might have switched to something else. It only occurred to me after I started painting the last of the trio. But in a silo, I think her new scheme is great, and as they won’t all see the table at the same time, it doesn’t matter much.

The whole trio all together to close this post. 🙂

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