Montlhy Update – October 2018

This month was not really productive, with real life taking its toll. However, I did try something new and participated in Inktober for the first time. You can expect a new post about that soon. The rest of the hobby that I do track was a lot less numerous, as you can see below.


This month Yearly total
Models painted: 3 34
Models sculpted: 1 10
Terrain built: 0 2
Terrain painted: 0 2
Games played: 4 46


Slow month on the painting side, with only 3 models completed. I was able to finish 2 more models for my Guild Ball Butchers, Tenderiser and Truffles. The last model is a 3d printed WW2 plane, the Zero.
Result: 3 painted,  34 yearly


Not much sculpting this month. I did sculpt a custom ball token for a tournament in Chicago, a deep dish pizza ball. I also made really small progress on the witch stuffy, but it’s nowhere near done.
Result: 1 sculpted, 10 yearly


Sad trombone sound…
Result – 0 done; Built: 2 yearly, Painted: 2 yearly


The games played this month reflects the recent trend. I got two games of Kill Team in with Yaum, and a couple games of the new season 4 Guild Ball.
Result: 4 played, 46 yearly

WIP Table of Shame

Tenderiser was an old model, Truffles was new, and the Zero was a commission. One more for each side.
Ratio: 6 old vs 24 new

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