Monthly Update – September 2018

With the summer vacations now over, it was back to school for my oldest, with all the meetings that go with it, but also back to a more regular schedule at home, with more hobby time. Let’s see how I was able to use that!


This month Yearly total
Models painted: 11 31
Models sculpted: 1 9
Terrain built: 0 2
Terrain painted: 0 2
Games played: 3 42


This month has been really good on the painting side, especially compare to the past few ones. I was able to finish two old ongoing projects, Aquila for Arena Rex and Meathook for Guild Ball. I also painting one of the tiny stuffed unicorn that Impact Miniatures is now 3d printing. To finish off the month, I went all out on a 40k Skitarii killteam and painting all 8 models in less than a week. That is some impressive speed compared to my usual one.
Result: 11 painted,  31 yearly


I started the month with a special sculpting project, a cartoon owl based on a character from books we do at my day job. I’m REALLY happy with how he came out, but sadly I can’t cast it. I also joined a sculpting challenge in a FB group, but I haven’t been able to make a good sketch for it, and it is going really slowly, and probably won’t even be done by the deadline. Still, I will try to finish it this month.
Result: 1 sculpted, 9 yearly

Cartoon Owl


I thought about terrain, multiple times even! But that didn’t shape into any real advance.
Result – 0 done; Built: 2 yearly, Painted: 2 yearly



The month went long without gaming, but I finally was able to get a trio of games in the last weekend. First, a couple games of Guild Ball, trying out the new Season 4 teams. Lastly, I played my first game of 40k Killteam. That was surprisingly fun, and has got me back in the mood for some grimdark hobbying.
Result: 3 played, 42 yearly

WIP Table of Shame

Aquila and Meathook both had been started months/year ago, so they finally make the ratio shift toward the WIP part of the equation. Sadly, the 8 Skitarii models were bare plastic, and bring it back to the New side even further. The unicorn was not for me, so doesn’t count either way.
Ratio: 5 old vs 23 new

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