December Monthly Update and 2018 Year End Review

December has come and gone, and with it, 2018. The month itself was slower than others for the hobby, but I used that time to clean up my workshop, and it will let me start 2019 in full swing. It was a pretty good year for the hobby, positive in general, with many new cool projects and discoveries. Let’s dive in!


  This month Yearly total
Models painted: 3 54
Models sculpted: 0 10
Terrain built: 0 2
Terrain painted: 2 4
Games played: 6 56


Three quick paint jobs this month. First, I finished my Farrow Brigand Warlord for Hordes, that had been started years ago. I then painted Granite for my Guild Ball Masons. She got a bit more work on then her plastic brethren, but I still keep it fast and simple. The last “paint job” was just some repainting and extra details on a big plastic dinosaur, to use as a monster in Pulp City. The biggest part of that job was the custom base I made for it.
Monthly result: 3 painted

This got me to complete my yearly painting goal of a model per week. I didn’t paint much every months, but when I did, I was able to produce more than that average, so it compensated for the slower months where I worked or sculpted. I wanted to paint a bust, but that didn’t pan out. I have the model in hand though, so it’s a question of time. 
Yearly result:  54 painted


A bit more work on the witch, but I didn’t complete it.
Monthly result: 0 sculpted

I am happy with what I sculpted this year, but I did slow down at the end of the year, and missed my target of a new sculpt per month. I got to try Beesputty, a modelling clay instead of an epoxy putty. It has been a major change in how I sculpt. I also got my new casting equipment, and I just need to finish setting up before starting to pressure cast and destroy those pesky bubbles!
Yearly result: 10 sculpted


I didn’t build any new terrain, but I did paint my two kits of arena terrain to use for Arena Rex.
Monthly result: 2 painted

I reached my two low goals, but I was hoping for more, and I didn’t work on any of the big boards I wanted to do. That’s something I need to correct next year.
Yearly result: 2 created, 4 painted


This last month didn’t see much paint, but it saw gaming, even if I missed an event due to kids being sick. It was also pretty diverse, with a couple games of Guild Ball, and a game each of Relic Knights, Company of Iron, Judgement and Aristea. That’s how I like my gaming!
Monthly result: 6 played

I hit my target for the year, and got a good diversity of games in. There are some I would have like to see added or come back to the list, but with my family schedule getting simpler, and my painting speed upped, I can see my gaming getting easier  and more diverse next year.
Yearly result:, 56 played

WIP Table of Shame

One old guy, one new, and one partial repaint that I won’t count. That’s a pretty good ratio!

I have a 1 to 3 ration for old paint projects completed to new ones.  My WIP shame pile is slowly getting worked on, and not many new projects get added to it, so it’s good. I didn’t keep a 1 to 1 ratio, but as the pile shrinks, it’s just normal.
Ratio: 12 old vs 35 new

Happy new year to all my readers!

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