Monthly Update – November 2018

November was full of late night work, meetings and appointments, which should have given a pretty poor hobby tally, but strangely, it was my most productive painting month of the year. The rest of the hobby was slow or inexistant, but just the amount of painting done baffles even myself.


This month Yearly total
Models painted: 17 51
Models sculpted: 0 10
Terrain built: 0 2
Terrain painted: 0 2
Games played: 4 50


As mentioned up top, this month was crazily productive paint wise. I started the month by finishing Austrican for my Relic Knights‘ Paladins; he was mostly painted in October, but I used the finish date all year, so I’m sticking with it for him too. He was really fun to paint, especially compare to the questing knight Francis Mallory that I also completed.  I painted 4 more war planes models for 3D Wargaming, which closes this commission. I speed painted a full line-up of Guild Ball Masons to change play style from my Butchers, and to keep with the GB theme I painted a couple custom event ball tokens: our Halloween ball and the NFC frog ball. To end the month, I finished two Ortega models for my Malifaux Guild crew. That’s a total of 17 models, a third of my whole year painting list. Wow!
Result: 17 painted,  51 yearly


I didn’t finish any sculpt this month, which puts me as 1 sculpt late yearly. I did work on my crow witch during Tom Mason’s patreon hangout, but not enough to finish it. With December always being busy, I’m not sure I’ll get more sculpting done this year.
Result: 0 sculpted, 10 yearly


Sad trombone sound…
Result – 0 done; Built: 2 yearly, Painted: 2 yearly


I managed to get 4 games in, one per gaming evening I had. Mostly Guild Ball, as usual, but Paul and I did try Judgement, a MOBA inspired 54mm skimish game, using their Print & Play material. Fun game; you can hear us talk about it on episode 55 of Geeks of the North.
Result: 4 played, 50 yearly

WIP Table of Shame

This month was pretty good for the shame list. I still got more new stuff painted, but 4 unfinished models finally got done
Ratio: 10 old vs 32 new

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