Showcase – Baron Celcius Von Fahrenheit

My most recent painting project was bit out of left field; for the first time, I painted a miniature representation of someone I knew in the flesh.  The model in question is that of Baron Celcius Von Fahrenheit, from RAFM Miniatures. That miniature was created after a steampunk cosplay contest, where the winner got is personna transformed in a 28mm scale version of itself.

The friend in question is the steampunk cosplayer Alexandre Adam, who is behind the character of Baron Celcius Von Fahrenheit. He is also the guy behind the Youtube channel Kinetoscope Parlour, where he meets “strange and wonderful people”, coming from the steampunk subculture or other completely different way of being strange.

You can see here the photo montage used for the contest, which also served as the basis for the sculpting of the model. The picture was taken by Convoke Photography.



The miniature green:



And finally, here is my own painted version. I wandered a bit off the “original”, adding a touch of colour on the vest, but in general, I tried to stay as close to the character as I could. This miniature was fun to paint, and did got me away from the more warring-like concepts I usually work on..



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