On to 2024, well, what’s left of it

Last year, I pledged to post a bit more, even if shorter posts. I managed to do so for part of the year, but after September, my hobby time slowed down, and what I did accomplish wasn’t as worthy of posting. I failed at keeping my posts short, though, so they ate up a bit more time than I really had, and making shorter ones for single pieces of terrain didn’t feel quite right.

I like to make nice photoshoot of completed projects, and while I did a bunch of small stuff, I didn’t have any bigger, meaningful ones. I’ll have to juggle between length and content again this year.

This post comes up later in the year, because of the same reason. I was in a small hobby slump since December, but that’s over now and I have a bunch of projects I want to tackle.

Looking back at 2023

Stat-wise, I completed 95 items, either models or terrain pieces. It’s a drop from 150 the year before, but still a really good number. Maintaining a similar rate of about two items a week, I think is fine and more realistic with how I approach painting with a higher standard, when I’m not painting masses of infantry for a large army game like Warhammer.

Onto the hobby specifics of what I was aiming for, the only items I really accomplished were the new Pulp City crew and a small Gaslands team. I’m quite pleased with my new PC villain team; they are striking on the table. I didn’t touch Deep Wars, but instead got into Carnevale, and even started working on my terrain for it. Warhammer 40k also got my attention for a bit, with the release of its 10th edition.

A fun project I had the pleasure to participate in was a group effort to paint loaner forces for WWII games, with the new local historical gaming club. I painted a dozen or so models, including some US Airbornes troops and some Germans grenadiers.

For roleplaying, I did not run any games last year. I’m still aiming at running the two same, Havoc Brigade and Wildsea this year, and even have a crew set for the second one. We just have been plagued with delay because of health and family, but it should come soon. I did participate as a player, though, in our ongoing D&D Arcavios campaign, with around 35 sessions played.

2024 Onward

Like last year, I’m not committing to anything, it’s just a wish list of potential projects. I never know when the wind of hobby change will strike. Just this past week, my interest shifted to a game I’ve had in boxes since 2014, and I now want to get it painted. It wasn’t even on my radar last month, so…


  • Paint a Nemesis crew, or maybe two small ones, to try the game
  • Finish painting the models for the intro campaign of Twilight
  • Paint a playable force for one of those new games: Drowned Earth, Deep Wars, Wargods of Aegyptus, Blood & Plunder or This Quar’s War
  • Still try to paint a small-scale force, probably Warmaster or Drop Zone Commander


  • Complete the terrain for my Carnevale board, and maybe start on the streets and canals
  • Complete my second set of Wild West terrain
  • Get a larger Mario Gaslands mat and build some terrain accessories


  • Run a Havoc Brigade one shot
  • Run a short Wildsea intro campaign


I want to play more miniatures games. I’ve played a lot of roleplaying games last year, as it’s easier on the family schedule while playing online, and I do want to keep with that. But I wish I could get more minis on the table, as I barely got a game every other week, and that number needs to go up!

That’s enough for now. I need to keep it kind of short if I want to continue writing more often. đŸ˜†

Have a nice rest of year in hobby!

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