People of Venice, unite under the protection of the Guild

I have been aware of Carnevale for some time, but never really put much thought into it until earlier this year. Strangely, it’s terrain that gave me the initial spark. After seeing a crowdfunding project for Venetian terrain, Waterspire, I looked back at the game and enjoyed the minis and theme more than I remembered. And then I took a look at the rules, and just loved how dynamic the movement system felt, with free jumps, parkour, 3d terrain fully integral to the game, including jumping from rooftops and swimming in canals, etc. So I got myself a starter and some extra minis to try out the game.

The project took a bit longer to ramp up than I would have like, as other priorities came up first in the painting queue, amongst other things. One of the hurdles was how to base the models. In the end, we opted to use the texture from the floor tiles of the Waterspire project and make base toppers, so the models would fit with the eventual streets we might print. They are a bit tall to my taste, but thinner toppers might have warped during printing, and I didn’t want to file that much resin in a room I share with the kids.

Faction choice was hard. Usually, when I start a game, there is one calling to me visually more than the others, but it was several of them in Carnevale. I finally decided on the Guild. It’s the faction I like the most of the models from, so if I expend outside of my initial buy in, I will have many options. The crazy pulcinellas of the Great and Noble Cult of the End of Days will probably be next.

The models are all resin. While the casts are mostly clean, a lot of my selection had tiny pieces and several breaks happened while working on them. I would say they are not the best option for beginning modellers, but they do look really good once assembled and painted. Some faction with thicker models, like the Rashaar, might be a better choice if you want less fiddly hobbying.

Capodecina and Recruiter

The leader of the gang and his right hand man, helping to bring more citizens under the protection of the Guild.

Pilferer and Baroni

Street urchin pickpocket, and a deadly pistol armed assassin.

Gondolier and Barber

Members of the different trade guilds, helping transport people around and finding holes in the defence of the ennemies.


Normal folks being coerced into fighting against the various ennemies of the Guild

This gives me just enough model for a “standard” sized game of a 100 ducats. The game size depends on the scenario played, so I will be limited on scenario choice right now, but I have some other models left to paint, so the forces of the Guild will grow soon.

As always, I finish this showcase with a group shot. Those are the only models I have painted, so no action shot yet, but if the game is any fun (I hope so!), I’m sure another faction will follow soon enough. đŸ˜‰


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