How-to – Simple urban bases

Making modern urban bases is simple, and that might be why it is hard to find them in resin or as 3d files. Most of what is available out there is for specific sub settings (like industrial), slightly past or future looks, or in rubble for war zones. However, if you want clean, “normal” bases, where civilians could take a stroll, you are mostly on your own.

I needed bases like that for my Pulp City civilians when I painted them some years ago, and developed a simple technique to make them. With my recent indie villains requiring similar bases, I decided to make a quick tutorial at the same time, in case others might find it interesting. It’s nothing revolutionary, and I am sure you could find other similar tutorial online, but it’s always good to have options. Here we go!

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How to paint a M4 Building by MC Studio

MC-StudioLast March, I had the pleasure of painting the M4 buildings demo kit for the project MC Studio launched on Kickstarter. The laser cut cardboard buildings are well designed, surprisingly sturdy,  and fun to paint. Once the project was over (successfully, I must add), I discussed with the laser man about future project and the first thing that came was doing a tutorial for the painting of the official scheme. Life sadly took its toll on my free time in the following months, but finally, here is that tutorial.

So here are the steps to paint the M4 buildings like the ones in the initial demo kit.

Small note: this guide is only an example, and you can paint those a multitude of other ways, like using spraycans or large brushes, using different colour schemes, or add a lot more weathering. The building are yours.

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How-to – Frozen lake base

I’m working right now on a commision piece, Lylyth, Reckoning of Everblight by Privateer Press. The client wanted a thematic base representing a frozen lake breaking under the weight of her sleigh. I must confess to you all, it isn’t a genre of basing I had ever worked on previously. The is a huge base though, 120mm, which gives lots of space to create the effect.

By luck, I had seen earlier a similar base (without the broken ice though), which was made using water effect for the ice. I liked the idea, but I remembered that I still had plexiglas left from the window made for the Space Station Yaumato that could be used as ice too, and add the opportunity to have solid ice shards. I wanted to add some volume to the base, so I chose to represent a lake shore instead of only the frozen surface. After some brainstorming, I made a small 40mm test base and I had a plan to start the big one.

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