The army of Arbonte is Growing

Over the last month, I started working on my second Nemesis faction, the Rocavivas, as I mentioned in the last post, cleaning, assembling and priming them. However, I’m not sure yet on the colour scheme or basing, so I decided to continue painting the other Orphans I already had prepared, to keep the motivation going.

These new additions round out my small force quite well in terms of gaming diversity, and also continue the theme of having an extremely colourful warband. Luckily, the forest bases tie them up together visually.

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The orphans of Arbonte

Back in 2012-2013, I bought into Nemesis, by the Spanish company Zenit Miniatures. What really sold it to me was the Orphans faction, a group of unaging kids disguising themselves as insects, protecting the living forest Arbonte. I painted a single model back then, one of the Mantis, for a painting contest, but the lack of opponents, combined with other priorities, relegated them to the back of the pile.

Flash forward to last month. I was doing some digging in my pile of opportunities, to clear out and sell some projects I now know I won’t get to, or lost interest into, when I stumbled upon the box containing my Nemesis models. Being between projects, and wanting to paint something colourful, I decided to get them out again, and finally paint enough to try out the game. It just took a decade to get back to it…

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