The army of Arbonte is Growing

Over the last month, I started working on my second Nemesis faction, the Rocavivas, as I mentioned in the last post, cleaning, assembling and priming them. However, I’m not sure yet on the colour scheme or basing, so I decided to continue painting the other Orphans I already had prepared, to keep the motivation going.

These new additions round out my small force quite well in terms of gaming diversity, and also continue the theme of having an extremely colourful warband. Luckily, the forest bases tie them up together visually.

Community Building

To rally players, painters and collectors of Nemesis, I started a Facebook group: The world of Miter. I haven’t shared it at large much yet, but I hope it will slowly grow and become a central hub to keep the interest alive. I invite you readers to join if you like the look of the game.

The newly painted models


I tried to go for a different colour with the Scarabs, but eventually went back to the red from the studio, only changing the head to a darker grey instead of the beige they used. I had already painted the scarab shield on the galga seed red, so it was fitting. Those guys will provide a heavier melee side to the warband.


The Scorpions might be the models I’m the least happy with in this new batch. The dark blue carapace, especially the tail, doesn’t look smooth like the rest, but I had to stop eventually. I’m also not too happy with the colour itself; I might have been better to go for something more grey or black. However, they are just troopers, and I want to put the time on the heroes. They still look good on the table.

Imaginist and Rag Toy

This model I ordered specifically back in the days, in addition to the starters. I just love the visual of it, this little dream mage conjuring “friends” and helper right out of her imagination. It was a fun challenge to paint the small creations forming out of the dream column in a slightly ethereal form. I should probably have gone a bit more translucent, but I’m still quite happy with the overall look.

She’ll also provide me with a dedicated wizard on the table, which will be interesting to try out the magic rules.

All the band together

A final shot of all the Orphans together, from both batches.

These were the last Orphans I had cleaned and prepared for painting. So next time, I should have some Rocavivas to share for real.

Backdrop by Jon Hodgson Backdrops

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