World of Twilight terrain: planning and first steps

Outside of casting -a lot of casting- the past few weeks have been centred on all new games and miniature lines. I’ve played Gaslands, I participated in two painting challenge and contest, the first for Gangs of Rome, the second for Deepwars, and this is not the end of it, au contraire. I have been eyeing the miniatures and artworks of Anyaral: The World of Twilight for many years now, but always put aside ordering some for a lack of funds, or opponents.  However, the painting and hobby contest they have launched some weeks ago now finally got me over the fence.

They have 3 categories: Best Painted Force, Freestyle, and The Painted PreePree. There is no way I’ll have the time to order a force and paint it, so that one I put aside quickly. However, the Freestyle category covers terrain, and I’m always interested in cool terrain projects. The PreePree category covers all their small critters, so I made a small order for some critters and a bigger models that will hopefully get here in time, if Salute didn’t completely drained them of inventory.

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Space Station Yaumato – The building phase

Last year, I had the idea of giving terrain pieces to my friends for their birthdays. The first one coming at that point was Yaum, a big Infinity fan with a really nice painted army, but no display for it. I decided to build him a display board, and took the measure of his display cabinet in secret while at his place for a game. Yaum plays Nomads, a nomadic (duh…) faction living on three giants spaceships, instead of owning land like the other factions. The display would represents a section of one of those ships, with an industrial look to match his existing bases.

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