The Doctor and the Assassin

Last December, before the start of my recent painting slump, I finished the year with two new models for Carnevale, after also painting a good amount of terrain. The first was an addition to the Guild in the form of a Rialto Assassin, to add power and range to my mainly tradesmen collection.

The second model is a female Plage Doctor, a start for a small second faction. That limited edition model is such a beauty that I had ordered her at first just to paint. However, after some games, I liked the game enough to grab a starter for The Doctors to have options and maybe give demos.

The Rialto Assassin

It’s a really nice model, and I did like the studio paint job quite a lot, but I wanted to steer clear of it, as I was going to enter it in a friendly painting competition ran by The Monsters Behind the Mask podcast. However, as painting progressed, and some colours were changed, it ended up being quite similar.

Plague Doctoress

For The Doctors, I knew I wanted something different from the studio colours. As I have a thing for magenta and purple, this pale green and magenta coat is what I ended with after some tests. I really like the combo, and I think it will do well on the coming models that will join her. I entered her instead of the assassin in the painting competition, and made first cut, which I was quite happy with.

Action Shot

Danger in the shadow, dagger in the back.

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