Craft-off – Ruined forest temple

Earlier this year, I decided to join a terrain building challenge, the Rogue Sculpts Craft-Off Competition. The gist of it is, each month, all participants are paired up, and each pair is given a random theme. At the end of the month, a panel of judges reviews the work from each pair, and the winner gets to advance to the next round. Rince and repeat, until there is only one, Highlander style.

This month, the theme I got was “Ruined temple”. I did a sketch of a forest temple for Endless: Fantasy Tactics a while ago, and it was the perfect time to work on that project. Unfortunately, I could only start late in the month, so I had to reduce the scale of my piece. I ended up doing an 8 by 8 squares board, the quarter of a full EFT board. When I get more time, I can build the other parts, especially as the rest of it is easier and simpler.

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Can opener – Endless: Fantasy Tactics 2nd Kickstarter

The timing couldn’t be better: I launched my site, and the following day, I receive a package with miniatures. Hop, it’s time for a first unboxing!

The package was from On The Lamb Games, the company behind Brushfire and Endless: Fantasy Tactics (EFT). They ran a second kickstarter project based on EFT for their first expansion last year. Still having a lot of unpainted miniatures from their first KS, I only pledged for a single miniature, more of a symbolic support move than anything else.

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