Showcase – Aquila and Legio XIII starter)

I mostly put aside painting in the past months to concentrate on sculpting, but I got back to my brushes recently, and completed a couple models. The first of those I present now, Aquila for Arena Rex.

This is the last model to complete the Legio XIII faction starter, and with him done, I can now get to playing.  Next up, I will paint some terrain to fill out the arena. I do have a couple more models in the queue, but they are not to be painted any time soon. We’ll see if they rise to the top after getting the game to the table though.
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Monthly Update – July and August 2018

Summer went by in a flash. Work, kids, vacation, health appointments for the whole family: I just didn’t see time pass. School and work are back on, and hopefully with those, some more regular posting. The question is, what was done over that postless time?


This month Yearly total
Models painted: 2 20
Models sculpted: 2 8
Terrain built: 0 2
Terrain painted: 0 2
Games played: 10 39

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Sculpt – Hippo Ballerina

Ever since I started sculpting, I always liked to work on cute, cartoon projects. This project doesn’t stray far, and also tag along with my recent unicorn, as it’s also a stuffed animal. I present to you the Hippo Ballerina!

She’s smaller than the unicorn, but bigger than the platypus; I think I’ve settled with her on the right size to work on future stuffies. She was also a lot faster to sculpt. I’m getting used to the polymer clay (this one being Beesputty), and I’m finishing this sculpt with only two bake.

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World of Twilight terrain: planning and first steps

Outside of casting -a lot of casting- the past few weeks have been centred on all new games and miniature lines. I’ve played Gaslands, I participated in two painting challenge and contest, the first for Gangs of Rome, the second for Deepwars, and this is not the end of it, au contraire. I have been eyeing the miniatures and artworks of Anyaral: The World of Twilight for many years now, but always put aside ordering some for a lack of funds, or opponents.  However, the painting and hobby contest they have launched some weeks ago now finally got me over the fence.

They have 3 categories: Best Painted Force, Freestyle, and The Painted PreePree. There is no way I’ll have the time to order a force and paint it, so that one I put aside quickly. However, the Freestyle category covers terrain, and I’m always interested in cool terrain projects. The PreePree category covers all their small critters, so I made a small order for some critters and a bigger models that will hopefully get here in time, if Salute didn’t completely drained them of inventory.

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Dracula’s America: Shadows of the West – First impressions

Last week, I had my first introductory game of Dracula’s America: Shadows of the West with a local player who’s heavily into it. Being a fan of weird west and Deadlands, this book by Osprey Games had me eyeing it for some time, as they share a similar vibe, even if their background is different.


Dracula’s America takes you in an alternate post civil war in the United States, where Dracula took control of the Union after infiltrating it and having President Lincoln and other big wigs assassinated. He has now declared himself President for life, and rules the Union with an iron grip, with the help of his Red Hand Coven. Multiple faction rose forth from these events and now vie for dominance, or mere existence, in this magic filled weird west.

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Sculpt – Stuffed Unicorn

Since the middle of last year, I’ve been on a kick to up my sculpting game, after getting a couple sculpting and conversion commissions.  In the past months, I’ve been sculpting a lot more, and trying different style, tools and materials got my hyped.

Human/humanoid anatomy not being my forte, I decided to stick with cartoon models, like when I started sculpting years ago with the titular zonion. I first did a platypus, started a koala, but my biggest recent project was a stuffed unicorn, in the spirit of my daughter birthday.

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