Trading in the argoran waste

Well, I had good intentions at the start of the year, but I might have set my release pace a tad high, and found it hard to publish weekly. When you combine that with a dip into console gaming (Zelda’s Breath of the Wild on Switch) and general hobby slowdown, it partly explains the last few months of silence. It’s not that I haven’t done any, but nothing really meaningful, a lot of cleaning and sorting, and also quite a lot of prepping models. I’ll try and go back to post some of the stuff from the gap, but there isn’t that much to show, so it won’t take long.

What got me painting again, though, was the possibility of a game of Anyaral, the World of Twilight. We’ve already played the first book scenario with my friend Paul earlier this year, and we had a chance to play the second one this weekend. This was all I needed to paint the last few models I was missing for it, and off I went with the airbrush and palette!

I’ll keep this short and just show the models. It’s a Fubarnii small merchant caravan, composed of a trader and his two baruks. That pair took quite some time to paint, with all the bags, rolls and pouches on their back. The orb on the trader’s staff also proved challenging, and I had to redo it at least a couple of times before I judged it good enough.

I also made a little mise-en-scène featuring the new models, ambushed by a pack of wild grishaks.

Sadly, the game didn’t happen, but we had a nice board game night instead, so it was a fine trade. We’ll be able to play that second scenario soon I hope, and I can now attack the missing models for scenario 3, to be ready in advance this time.


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