Monthly Update – June 2018

With June come and gone, it’s now Summer time, and also, the time to check back with this 6-month halfway check point. Quick teaser: this is my worse month this year yet.


This month Yearly total
Models painted: 0 18
Models sculpted: 0 6
Terrain built: 0 2
Terrain painted: 0 2
Games played: 2 29


I haven’t touch a brush all month.
Result: 0 painted,  18 yearly


I’ve been sketching a bit for a new stuffy, and I’ve worked on my second goblin fish pirate, but I have not completed anything.
Result: 0 sculpted, 6 yearly


Late in the month, I started working back on the Fubarnii balloon project, namely the building that it will attach to. But like the two previous categories, nothing completed.
Result – 0 done; Built: 2 yearly, Painted: 2 yearly


Like hobby, gaming has been on the slow side. I however was able to get at least two games in, one of Guild Ball against my Geeks of the North co-host Paul’s Fishermen, and a second game of Malifaux 2nd edition.  That 2nd game did cement my interest in it, and the rest of my Ortegas have moved up on my painting queue.
Result: 2 played, 29 yearly

WIP Table of Shame

Nothing painted, so this didn’t change.
Ratio: 3 old vs 13 new

Halfway Check Point

Looking at the progress table at the top, I’m clearly being on the painting side, and the WIP Table of Shame ratio.  Finishing my Shattered Sword for Relic Knight (the final 2nd edition rules are now out!) or finishing some Ortegas for Malifaux would get both these category forward.  On the sculpting, terrain and gaming front, I’m about there, thanks to big progress early in the year.

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