WMH Secret Santa 2016

A local Warmachine & Hordes group organized a Secret Santa painting exchange over the Christmas period. I’m a sucker for those fun painting incentive, so I jumped in. It started a bit late, so we had up to the middle of January to finish our project and send them off.

Each participant made a small list of stuff they would like to get, under a certain budget, and your “exchangee” could pick anything in it that looked fun to pain. There were two models in the list I got that looked interesting, but the stock available at my flgs sealed the deal: Cryx’s Witch Coven of Garlghast & the Egregore it was!

Those models show their age a bit. Not that much details and less sharp than more recent releases by PP, but with 4 to do, that was a good thing. You can see the result below.

Also, here is the cool Minions’ Croak Hunter I got in this exchange! I really dig the bright and colourful scheme used. Big thanks to Mathieu L for this. 🙂

Sadly the postal service wasn’t kind with the package, so I will have some paint chips to patch up. Nothing big though.

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