Showcase – A visit to the zoo

I’ve owned Pulp City models for a while, a bit before the kickstarter project for the most recent edition of the game.  A pretty varied lot, gotten through  the used market, but with a strong concentration of primates from the A.R.C. (Ape Revolution Committee) faction.

When I initially planned to paint them, I knew I wanted to stay pretty close to the official schemes, which I like a lot, but I was stuck at where to go with the bases. The studio models use all different basing schemes, and while it makes the individual minis pop, it lacks a certain team visual.  At that time, nothing in pre-made resin caught my eye, and I had no idea for scratch building my own, so they ended up put aside in a closet while I jumped on other projects.

pulp-city-essentialsFast forward to last month, when talks of a mega battle started to form in the local community. I looked back at my models, reread some of the fluff, and everything fell in place.  The A.R.C. uses the old Pulp City zoo as their headquarters. Some Google search later, I finally had my basing scheme: Central Park zoo. Hexagonal tiles, concrete borders, some greens, and low fences. I just had to built those, with was pretty fast to do.

For the painting, I wanted to do a quick-ish gaming job, so went with a strong zenithal priming and quick glazes as a base.

The first 3 models are done, and I hope to add many in the following months.




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