Kickstarter Feature – 10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

I follow the wargaming miniature world pretty closely for Geeks of the North, as I’m the one doing the research for our News shows. With all that info already collected, I decided to do a bit more and present here once in a while a kickstarter project that caught my eye.  This week, I offer you: 10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures.

12565375_1650853121848922_4019178712799910917_nI’m in a small scale mood right now, with a local resurgence of Warmaster as its center, so this project fits right in. The main guy behind this KS is a big Warmaster enthusiast, part of the Warmaster Podcast. He felt there was a big gap in 10mm model availability for the Ogre army, and set to fill it out.  As of writing, the project has funded, which brings the Ogre Warriors to the scene. Each further stretch goal unlocked with offer a new unit type, with the goal to have the full line required to play the army out.

This project is also a first step toward the Kings of the North Miniatures Game, an upcoming 10mm game by the same company.

For people who prefers visual, you can see 3 of the painted Ogre Warriors, as well as some concept arts for the rest of the line.



If you are interested, you can pledge your support here:

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