Warpwolf Rager – Gorax conversion

This week, I worked on a small conversion project for the birthday anniversary of Paul, my co-host on Geeks of the North, the hobby podcast we have been doing for almost a year now. Paul is a Circle Orboros player for Hordes, and his list has a wolf theme. During our last game, he mentioned that his list was a bit pillow fisted, and I suggested to add a Gorax to help circumvent that. However, that model doesn’t fit his theme, and he is not a fan of its look.

That is where the Warpwolf Rager enters play, my conversion idea for a wolfish themed Gorax. I used a plastic Gorax as the model base. For the head, I used the top half of a Feral Warpwolf. I had to resculpt the teeth, as the original head as its jaw shut, and the teeth were all damaged while cutting it in half. The rest of the job consisted of adding a tail similar to the other Warpwolf in the faction, and to redo the joints of the face and the fur collar. Another small addon was resculpting one of the eyes to give it a more deranged and crazy look.

First, here are some work in progress pictures:

WR-head wip-WR wip-WR-left

And here is the completed conversion:

WR-final-left WR-final-right WR-final-top

When Paul is done with the painting, I’ll share the final colored version for all of you.

One thought on “Warpwolf Rager – Gorax conversion

  1. Really nice conversion! I was thinking of doing something similar as I *really* don’t like the look of the Gorax’s head, and have a very wolfy theme for my own Circle, a quick google and now I have a good tutorial/inspiration to work from. 😀

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