The “Donate or Paint” challenge

I’ve been called out by Yaum to partake in the Donate or Paint challenge. It’s a social campaign started by the Chain Attack podcast crew for one of  their local player, Marc Harrison. He has been suffering from server health issues for the past three years, with all the financial and personal impacts a tragic event like that can have. He’s a passionnate painter, and can’t even paint anymore. They lauched the challenge to help him out, either by donating and/or painting model as moral support for Marc. You can find all the info about the challenge there:

I chose to paint a Winter Troll I had already assembled, and painted in the 3 days the challenge required. I just uploaded a quick video on Youtube that explains the concept, where I also share the paintjob and nominate 3 new challenges. If you don’t want to suffer through my bad accent and my face, just scroll down a bit, I’ve posted a picture of the miniature and my nominations right after the video.

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