Minions aplenty

Pulp City is always close to my mind, either to play, paint or work on. Case in point, I have been working on a small narrative campaign for our local group, but Summer (the season, not the journalist) got in the way. I’ll come back to this later, for now is time to talk painting!

As I did a whole team of villains earlier this year, I did not want to tackle something as big between other games’ projects. Looking at my pile of opportunities, my remaining generic minions jumped out as the perfect quick task. I added some scatter terrain pieces to the queue, as I got some already primed.

June Summers

Channel 4 star journalist, June Summers is there to support and not fight. It makes for a nice change, as the other minions I have are combat focussed. The model itself is fine, not great. I kept close to studio job to not overthink it.

Ankle Biters

Those fishes are bigger than I remembered. For something that is almost insignificant on the table, they have more physical presence than I would have assumed. They were way more fun to paint than June, and while I did one like the studio version, I had fun creating a flashy yellow and magenta scheme for the second one to have some variety on the table.


Unlike the Ankle Biters, these were smaller than I remembered. It makes sense for cats to be that size though, and they fit well with the other models. For the paint scheme, I got inspiration from the Litterbox web comic characters, the oldest son and the dad specifically. It was fun to try and give them a Pulp City version.

Scatter terrain

Nothing really new here. Just some extra options for the table. I think I have way more fire hydrants than I will ever need for the game, but they are really easy and fast to paint, so I did both instead of leaving one in the bits box.

Cool fight scene

To close the post, a fight scene against Guerilla, the figurehead of the Ape Revolution Committee himself. I love doing those!


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