Casanii dwelling

Back in 2019, when I was still posting semi-regularly, I got into a terrain challenge, and I even published a couple entries I made, a ruined temple and a cabbage farm. The first piece that I made but I didn’t get to share was for the game Anyaral, the world of Twilight. It’s for the Casanii faction, for which I don’t even have a force, but I felt inspired by their look and theme.

I don’t remember the exact prompt we had to build toward, but it was  quite simple, something like “building”. I made multiple sketches to make a small village, but the piece for the challenge was a single large dwelling. I don’t have all my pictures from back then, but I’ve gathered some I had not erased, or that I had published on Twitter.

Regarding the Craft-off challenge, our pieces did not get judged that month, even if they were finished on time. Too many participants had bailed out, so all makers with completed projects moved straight ahead. I had some good comments about the piece, but I don’t know how well it would have fared. My opponent had made a really nice blacksmith forge, but sadly I can’t find the pictures of it anymore.

One of the challenge organizer liked the concept so much that he made some simple 3d models of the sketches and shared them (with permission 😉 ) on Thingiverse. Those are not fully detailed pieces, but would make a great base to work on.

The sketches

The WIPs

The final result

I would love to get back to this world and make some more terrain for it. I’m lacking opponents for the game, which dampens my motivation a bit, but I still painted two forces and made other terrain for it, so it won’t completely foil me. I have a whole other building fully constructed that is just missing a couple accessories and then paint, which would be a good and easy way back We’ll see how the year develops.

2 thoughts on “Casanii dwelling

  1. Superbe comme toujours, mon Tonio! 🙂

    Plus sérieusement, j’adore tout de ton travail. Les textures sont toujours parfaites.

    1. C’est un plus vieux projet. Le refaire aujourd’hui, et sans la pression du deadline, il y a quelques éléments que je changerais, mais dans l’ensemble, je suis très content.

      En plus, c’est pour un jeu auquel j’ai enfin joué pour la première fois ce weekend. Alors l’envie de travailler sur la suite est revenue en force !

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