Pox and dirt in the grim dark future

If you go back a decade or two, I was primarily a Games Workshop games player. Mainly Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but I did play some Warhammer 40,000 too. Since, I have switched to mostly skirmish games, requiring fewer models and playing space, but once in a while, I jump back in. It happened last year with Fantasy and my zombie pirates army, but the most recent occurrence is with 40k and its new 10th edition.

Death Guard badge, © Games Workshop

It’s getting talked a lot in our gaming group, and I do like the blank slate that comes with all new simplified armies when they fully reboot their systems. I already had some Death Guards painted from the Conquest magazine subscription we got for my son (he took the Ultramarines side), and the small new format Combat Patrol made for a good target to get playing fast and try out the new system. It was the time to get some more baddies painted.

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