CaptainCon 2018

Last weekend was CaptainCon 2018. It’s the first big con I was able to attend since GenCon in 2014. TempleCon (which I attended multiple times, and was my first convention ever) and CaptainCon ran parallel for some time, but the latter is now held at the same venue and time slot as the former, that is sadly now defunct. I felt almost right back at home; similar gaming setup, similar game selection, even some of the vendors had the same spot!

My goal with CaptainCon was simple; enjoy the road trip with the guys and the time away from the family, and play & test games I don’t get to the table often enough back home.

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Painting workshops

This Autumn, I’ll be hosting two miniature painting workshops at the  SLAB in Montréal.

logo-slab-newThey will last 4 hours each and a miniature adapted to the workshop’ techniques is included in the cost. The last hour of each workshop will be a open painting and question period. You can bring your own minis for that part.

Be warned, the workshops will be given mainly in French. However, I’ll try to accommodate any English speaker that would like to attend.

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