Showcase – T-34 and Tiger 1

My most recent project was the painting of two WW2 historical tanks, a russian T-34 and a german Tiger 1. Both vehicles are 3d printed models, designed by the 3D Wargaming team.

It was a first foray for me in the historical painting realm. It’s a style less flashy than what I’m used to: lower contrasts, no big edge highlights, neutral palettes, lots of weathering, etc. I went with colour schemes inspired from what I found in my research, but didn’t go for 100% accurate. It was a good challenge, and mostly, it created a craving to paint more in that style, while historical never really blipped on my radar before.

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Showcase – Chronicles of the Wayfarer’s Knights of the Kiln

I recently stumbled upon Chronicles of the Wayfarer, when an acquaintance reacted to one of their pictures on Facebook. I couldn’t stop myself from liking the picture also; it was the spitting image of a Chronopia Firstborns’ Knight, in 15mm scale! I have fond memories of that defunct game, especially of the concepts arts and illustrations, and this mini modeled it perfectly, for the size anyway.

I then found out that a painting contest was beginning for a small selection of their line, and I jumped in. Painting at 15mm was going to be a new challenge, especially at a display level, as I never tackled that scale.

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Showcase – A visit to the zoo

I’ve owned Pulp City models for a while, a bit before the kickstarter project for the most recent edition of the game.  A pretty varied lot, gotten through  the used market, but with a strong concentration of primates from the A.R.C. (Ape Revolution Committee) faction.

When I initially planned to paint them, I knew I wanted to stay pretty close to the official schemes, which I like a lot, but at was stuck for the bases. The studio models use all different basing schemes, and while it makes the individual minis pop, it lacks a certain team visual.  At that time, nothing in pre-made resin caught my eye, and I had no idea for scratch building my own, so they ended up put aside in a closet while I jumped on other projects.

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Kickstarter Feature – 10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

I follow the wargaming miniature world pretty closely for Geeks of the North, as I’m the one doing the research for our News shows. With all that info already collected, I decided to do a bit more and present here once in a while a kickstarter project that caught my eye.  This week, I offer you: 10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures.

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Showcase – Butchers’ starter

Last year, I discovered the game Guild Ball by Steamforged Games, and since then, it has become the center of my gaming time.  I’m slowly painting the models, pushing them a bit more than I would usually do for play pieces, as the game requires only 6.

Here is my Butcher Guild starter. I chose to use only a little bit of red compared to the official scheme, only painting a single accessory in that colour per model, and blood effect, of course!

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